Google Account Setup

KTOA Members and Board Members need to use a Google Account in order to access the secure Members and Board sites, and the KTOA Web Master must authorize that Google Account. Only verified KTOA townhome unit owners will be given access to these secure sites.

You're welcome to use an existing Google Account; simply provide the KTOA Board with your Gmail address. It's also possible to use an existing e-mail address to create a new Google Account with a Gmail address. Accounts are free.

Once you've created your new Google Account (or if you already have one) send your account ID to The KTOA Web Master will then verify your membership in the association, enable your access, and respond with an invitation to join our online community.

Use this official Google link to setup your Google Account. There are other Google-offered pages where you can get a GMail account, but this is the link that allows you to setup an existing non-GMail e-mail address (like or, for example) as the address for a new Google Account.